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Nearby surroundings



Kögler' s educational trail – founded in the year 1941 by the native from neighboring Zahrady, restored in 2006. It is 23 km long and it's section goes around Vlčí Hora.

Kyjovské údolí (Kyjovské valley) – a romantic rocky valley along the Křinice River. It origintes by the Kyjov municipality and finishes by the borders with Germany. In the valley exists a wine cellar cave and cave of fairies (decorated by ice in winter). Above the valley is Kyjovský Castle - the remains of a rock castle, as well as lookouts from Vlčí Hora on the route of Kögler' s educational trail and further from Kyjov along the red or yellow touristic trail.

Brtnické ice falls  – annual monumental winter decoration originating in some overhangs and caves. The majority of them is located in the valley of Vlčí Potok, Wolf's creek (Velký sloup, Varhany, Betlém) and also in Kyjov valley (Vinný sklep cave, Jeskyně víl cave), from Vlčí Hora along cycling trail no. 3033 (Vlčí Potok valley ) or along Kögler's educational trail to Kyjov and further along the red trail (through Kyjov valley).



Lookout towers:

Vlčí hora (581 m )  - the dominant basaltic hill over the village of Vlčí Hora. On its top are basaltic piles - organs containing a high percentage of magnetite. It causes deviations in magnetic needles up to 40°. In 1889 a new brick lookout tower was built on the top. The top gallery is glassed and the panoramic view is excellent. On the hillsides of Vlčí Hora grows protected Perennial Honesty.  Also, a restored well called Veronika is located on the base of Vlčí Hora. From Vlčí Hora, follow along the red and yellow touristic trail.

Dymník  by Rumburk (516 m.) – basaltic top with lookout tower dating to 1895. From Vlčí Hora along the yellow touristic trail.




Technical monument:

Geological map in Zahrady. – a plastic geological map made of authentic rocks from the surroundings. A protected technical monument. It is located on Kögler's educational trail. From Vlčí Hora along Kögler's trail on the red and yellow touristic mark.



Info centres and galleries:

Gallery Ametyst Brtníky –  touristic info centre and permanent exhibition of minerals in nearby Brtníky. Operates year-round. From Vlčí Hora along the red touristic trail or by road (the cycling trail no. 3014). 

The House of Bohemian Switzerland  - touristic info centre on the square of Krásná Lípa. From Vlčí Hora along the red touristic trail. 



Sport compound Krásná Lípa – compound operating year-round (tennis courts, beach volleyball court, multi-purpose and children’s playground, mini golf, sport climbing wall, gym. More info at (www.krasnalipa.cz).